do you know those crafting/sewing projects that take weeks or months to finish instead to the mere hours intended? see above example.
of course you don't, you probably whip through projects at lightening fast pace...
which camp do you belong to...sluggish-i-get-distracted camp or no-stopping-until-project-is-complete camp?
do tell.
i think i belong to both camps and different times in my life.

the owl sofa pillow is an atelierchouette pattern...apparently no longer available online.

fyi :delia was a top 3 finalist in the grade 1-3 spelling bee...she beat her brother...something that she is happy to remind him of on an bi-hourly basis!


  1. OMG-Malia and I just MADE those owls last week. (We went to an Owl making b-day party on Sunday). I was planning on posting ours on my Crafty Melmade blog.

    Crafty minds think alike! Hee!

  2. owls must be the big thing, all of a sudden i see a lot of them.

    this is just adorable!!! sooo cute and i can see why you stayed with it until it was finished.

  3. Cute, cute, cute! I used to be a get it all done at once even if it takes me all night. Now that I have two small children, interruptions happen all the time, so I'm adjusting. :) And for some reason, the project always takes longer than anticipated, kind of like the timing on recipes.

  4. Looks great - you put together the right combos. YEA to Cordelia!!

  5. totally in both camps. wish i could guess which one before the project was strewn all over the table.

  6. Let's see - the 30 year baby quilt project....exactly which group would that put me in??? g


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