the deliajude shoppe

I did it!
I opened an etsy shop...check me out!

Disclaimer: still more to come and still a work in progress!


  1. Awesome, good for you! You should make it so that when the image in this post is clicked on, it takes you to the etsy account. Highlight the picture, click on the link button and add your etsy link. I clicked on the image and when it loaded, I couldn't figure out why nothing was clickable lol.

    I love the key chains, those are adorable!

  2. OK, that's awesome. Can't wait to check it out! (I'm actually at work right now...will have to look later...shhhhh!)

  3. Cool! How fun is that? I love the vintage music book idea. Did the kids piano teacher freak out at hers or love it? ;)

  4. yay! so exciting -- and also, I just received your package and I've hung my bunting!
    I'll share some pics soon :)

  5. so proud of you!! this has been long coming, my crafty friend. little by little the world will appreciate the genius of YOU. you do 5 push-ups...you get stronger. you put 4 things on your etsy shoppe...you sell some!

    ~ mm


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