the city

to the city in the front seat of a green vw bug...circa 1967 or so.
don't quote me on the year.

a monday morning in the city.
first stop; ferry building.

passing up the donuts that were calling my name.
opting for treats at miette instead.

admiring something slightly less sugary but interesting nonetheless.
growing your own mushrooms...hmm...i could do that.

cityscapes of sorts.

and more.

ladies who lunch and admire jewels.
my luncheon date.
lunch at eo trading co.
super tasty salad and ginger ale not pictured due to low light.

hello, kate...totally digg'n the scarf.
goodbye city.
back to the east bay in the front seat of a green vw bug.
this is the life...except this life then included driving 4 kids home from school, preparing snacks for 3 kids, making soup for dinner, driving 3 kids to & from gymnastics, a quick stop at a craft store for wooden people, dinner, overseeing book reports and math problems, dishes, computer work and so on and so forth.
oh the glamour of it all this thing called motherhood.
that's why we do it isn't it, for the glamour?


  1. Fun... I need a friend like yours Nicole ;) sounds like a wonderful morning!
    Maybe I just need to come and visit you again!

  2. there are some that do it for the glamour...but i think it's mostly because of the love. it has to be love.

    and i love the city through your eyes.


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