chewy molasses cookies

the recipe for these cookies has been requested...more than once.

the recipe is from an old-missing-the-cover cookbook of my mom's.
likely from a beta sigma phi cookbook in the 1960's.
makes super-tasty-absolutely-yummy chewy molasses cookies.

kid friendly to make...if you are patient and are willing to have bits of molasses dough on everything.
otherwise easy to whip up.

under bake them for extra goodness.

Chewy Molasses Cookies
3/4 shortening (i use butter)
1 c sugar (plus more to dip cookies in)
1 egg
1/3 c molasses
mix together.
then add,
2 1/3 c flour
2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp ground ginger, cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground cloves
1/4 tsp of salt
mix well,
roll into 1" balls, dip in sugar and bake at 350 for 6-8 mins.
eat, share and enjoy.


  1. mmmmmmmmm I think I'll definitely have to make these in the very near future <3


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