see, food really is always on my mind.
this was breakfast on sunday, apple dutch baby (or puffed pancake).
always a hit at our house.
in fact, jude sat in front of the oven (with the door closed, of course) but with the oven light on watching the pancake puff up...no tv allowed on sunday before church.
after church is a whole other story.
eating this scrumptious breakfast caused us to stop and wonder what other kids the worldwide are eating for breakfast, we asked our friends from peru (something like oatmeal and fresh cheese on bread) and from egypt (pita, savories and tea, but no fruit in the morning).
what do you eat for breakfast?
is it the same as your kids?
let's be clear, i am a lazy breakfast preparer during the week...i simply let the kids go for it with boxed cereal, fruit and milk.
on a good day i'll make oatmeal or cream of wheat.
on the weekends (or breakfast for dinner) we mix it up...waffles, pancakes, french toast or various baked goodies...even ebelskiver sometimes.
john, the dad, is the master egg & bacon maker in this house.


  1. we all eat either scrambled or fried eggs every..single..day. There is nothing that fills me up, but still allows me to run like eggs do. on the weekends, we add bacon. which is really a treat because being in a muslim country, it's hard to get.

  2. I have to admit that breakfast is something I'm not very good at getting going -- I usually get some fruit/cereal and such ready for Gretchen & I help her eat while I sip my coffee.

  3. I've been a big fan of my breakfast roll lately - scrambled egg, bell pepper, spinach, black beans all folded inside of store bought pizza dough then tossed in the oven. I make it late Sunday ngiht and then we slice a piece for breakfast all week.
    Weekends: oatmeal with chopped apple, cinnamon and raisins or something fun - plantains, pancakes. I actually broke out the waffle maker last weekend.

  4. ohhh, that sounds so fancy and good. french toast is a good day for us (like the weekend) otherwise it's poptarts. i know - bad, very bad.


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