...sometimes you need flowers to lift your spirit and fill your day.

because sometimes you need flowers after 10 days of rain.
especially bunches of greens, fragrant eucalyptus & dainty waxflowers.
the very kind flowers I wore in my hair on my wedding day...9 1/2 years ago.
because sometimes flowers on the kitchen table make the world a better place.
because sometimes, even when you are cutting back, it's ok to spend 2 x 3.99 and let a little light shine.
just because.
tell me, what have you done lately, just because?

sept 29, 2000


  1. well, just because....chris was at a conference, and I had to drive to pick up kassia from her swim meet, even though I'm not supposed to drive yet with my back injury, and just because I was sick with a sinus cold....I stopped last night and picked up an XL pizza, told the kids to put on their jammies at 5pm, and we ate pizza AND oreo ice cream in the living room and watched a movie....on a school night...JUST BECAUSE. (and it felt great)
    p.s. thanks for telling me the names of the flowers....love 'em.

  2. oh, i wanna do a just because. i do and i'm gonna this weekend no matter what.

    i love your just because - and yes, i always need flowers.

  3. That's inspiring! I'm overly practical and forget about just because alot, but it's good for the soul. I'm inspired! Thanks!

  4. What an incredible blossom. I am not at all familiar with this plant, but it sounds like one I would like to get to know better.


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