3 things or so

following on the heels of yesterdays-well-commented-on post about food...food really does get folks chatting...although i need to add, i am attempting a budget but don't currently have one set in stone.
for dinner last night we had a variation of this fried rice recipe from the ny times...i say variation because i did not have ginger or leeks but used finely chopped carrot, celery, onion, garlic, spinach with a farm fresh egg on top.
super easy to make and a big hit with the family.
i am partial to fried eggs on pretty much anything.

amy krouse rosenthal of the beckoning of lovely fame, as well as one of the best children's literature author, has a new gig...a blog complete with assignments.

last night we watched "a christmas story" as a family...a first for the kids and a first for me....the kids went to bed nervous about bullies and confused as to why kids can walk to school without an adult.
i think the kids missed the point of the movie, it helps to look back on your childhood not to be in your childhood and hoping your mom will give you a nerf gun for christmas.
have your kids seen this movie? did they like it?


  1. every one in my family LOVES it! yes, even the nephews

  2. not yet, but jack is only 4. since we can't watch a sweet verson of Peter Rabbit with pushing pause and talking about Mr. McGreggor, i think we are quite a few years off from Christmas story.
    glad you finally saw it!! so fun!

  3. That is an annual holiday event for us. We took it up to my dad's this year and he seemed to enjoy it - spent most of the movie commenting on/reminiscing about all the old cars/household items, etc. Good times!


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