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Jen L said...

So sad indeed. What is Christmas with out a Bateman or two? My not so favorite holiday memory is having Nicole wake me up so early Christmas morning one year. My favorite tradition is singing Christmas carols before opening presents one by one and taking hours. OH i just love Christmas.

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Blogger A. Dot said...

My favorite memories surround my dad cooking and baking. He had his mother's recipe for sweet rolls and he would only make them in the winter. After the dough would rise, he'd section it, roll it into ropes and circle them around, sprinkle the tops with cinnamon/sugar and after another rise, bake them. Boy were they good, especially with the homemade jam he and mom made every year. Another of his holiday dishes was really good peanut brittle. And mom would make homemade fudge -- See's fudge was what the recipe was called but who knows if it really was See's recipe. Mom and Dad would make their own recipe of stuffing, always with lots of sage and after the turkey was done, grind up the giblets and add it to the gravy. Creamed onions, corn pudding, baked yams...... and then the pies -- pumpkin, pecan, apple --- They're both gone now but the fragrant memories live on!


  1. dang it! so close, but no cigar!

  2. congrats! beautiful memory there - glad you're getting a wonderful prize.

  3. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I didn't mean to win. I just got to thinking back and my fingers started to type! Amazing what comes out through your fingers at times! Many lovely memories. Hope you all and yours have a wonderful holiday season this year.


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