roasted cauliflower

am I the last person in the world to learn about roasted cauliflower?
am I the last to make it?

if I am not, then hightail it to the market, pick a nice big head of cauliflower, bring it home, wash it, slice the cauliflower in thick slices, place slices in roasting pan, generously douse with olive oil and salt, roast at 350 until soft and roasty.
eat, enjoy and repeat.
super salty, super tasty and super easy.
roasted cauliflower is now in the winter veggie rotation.
yes, the kids liked it too!
served with a super easy chicken dish called bobsie chicken, which is melted butter poured over chicken then sprinkled with paprika & salt and then baked.

john wants you to know that i used a lot of olive oil and salt...anything with that much oil is tasty!

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  1. mmmm. this was my entire diner last night ( i was eating solo hence the random meal). one head of roasted cauliflower. SO addictively good.


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