parchment snowflakes

ready made circles of parchment (via sur la table),
repurposed into snowflakes.
a big thanks to dee for sharing her idea and her circles.

snowflakes are magical even on a dirty window.
snowflakes are magical unless it is 40 below.
okay, let's face it, snowflakes are magical in a place like california,
where i live and a white christmas does not exist.
maybe someday i'll live where there are actual seasons.
are there seasons in italy? france? chile?
for more snowflake fun
how to tutorial at highhopes


  1. always a favorite thing for me as a child

  2. there are seasons in Canada...in case you are thinking about moving (and there is universal health care too!) Just think about it.

  3. Seasons AND health care! (and us!) ....a winning combination, indeed!
    And Chile does have seasons - I will vouch for frost in July there!


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