It's beginning to look a lot Christmas

don't forget the giveaway.
there is still time.

after taking lucy up to the ridge, i spent the remainder of my "free time" today
listening to classic holiday tunes while wrapping the gifts for under the tree.

just thought i would include a snapshot or two of the the festive scenes around here.
a piano top snowy village.

delia's bedroom snowy village scene.

a wise old owl decked out.

the day time tree.
we had a small tree topple incident over the weekend but nothing was damaged!
lotsa birds.
lots of red, berries, silver snowflakes and stars.
in case you are wondering i decorated without the help of my kids.
mean i know, but i am working on being less controlling.
they decorated their own little tree for their own little rooms.
basically the Christmas shopping is done, most of the cards are ready to be mailed, the gifts are wrapped (except for stocking stuffers) and i decided to scale back on homemade cookies...only one batch plus a double batch of peppermint bark.
if you are looking for a gift idea for me and mine...ovo would be a hit!


  1. sounds like a good time is brewing. the decorations are beautiful.

  2. this are beautiful shots. jealous city and i am the mayor!


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