a hike at the ridge followed by hours of wii

boxing day...oh how i miss canada and boxing day traditions.

it's kinda a tradition to host craig & laurie.
we've know them almost our whole lives...
everyone except me, i've only known them for 23 years.

a hike up at the ridge with the kids and the dogs.

oh and a football.

back at the ranch we played blokus (great game), wii resort, snap circuits, marble whacker and more wii.
oh and beer tasting (adults only) and food consuming.
and lots of laughs.
a great tradition, even if it is not on the same day every year.
photos by craig (shout out)


  1. Thanks for all of the fun and good food. It was wonderful to spend the afternoon/evening with you. We love the tradition too!


  2. You need to explain the whole Boxing Day thing to me. I need to know more...


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