john thought it is important for the world to know that i do not always make good food.
see above.
pumpkin pancakes.
a recipe, with delia's help, that took way to long to mix up and to top it off the egg whites refused to whip into peaks.
a bit of a waste.
of time
of energy
and of food.

i don't always look that great either!
my grumpy-i-can't-believe-i-can't-make-pancakes face complete with bedhead.
just keeping it real, folks.

super thin pumpkin pancakes with whip cream, maple syrup and toasted walnuts.
the family ate them but to me it was a failure.
it froze here last night and my transmission gave out en route to school this morning.
i'm not complaining because i am forced to stay home so i am accomplishing all sorts of things but still, not the best day.
thank you for all your thoughts and prayers yesterday for our family.


  1. oh no...and i know this feeling - i've had a few failures of my own. can we just call them pumpkin crepes instead? *smile*

    hope your car troubles are better soon.

  2. It's so good to know you are normal, like the rest of us! Sometimes you seem superhuman to me! (I am being completely serious too...sometimes I am in awe of you!)
    p.s. they sure looked good! Amazing what whipped cream can do, no?

  3. Makes me love you all the more...

  4. I agree with Char. Just give them a new name and celebrate the new dish! Has worked for me.....

  5. LOL - thanks for making me smile - that picture was fabulous! ;)

    I was really sorry to hear about Johns uncle and will continue to pray for comfort for you all at this time. ((Hugs))

  6. I love it! We recently made some barely edible pancakes in an attempt to use up leftover bourbon sweet potatoes from thanksgiving. We ate a few, but the remains are enriching my compost pile now. Ha ha! It's great fun to experiment.

  7. Isn't that the worst when something takes forever and then it's not as good as you wished? My husband will always eat it but I sit a mope about it.

  8. That's all well and good...but the green inside those kitchen cabinets still looks awesome :)

  9. i don't know, you look pretty cute for bedhead and grumpy!

  10. They look good to me with or without the whip cream and nuts. And you don't look so bad either but then I'm prejudiced to begin with -- and I love you for who you are not what you look like, or even what you do although I enjoy that too.

    Much love -- A. dot


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