a drive in the country & in the city

The Friday after Thanksgiving is not a shopping day for us,
in fact with the exception of 2 gifts my holiday shopping is complete.
Don't worry there are still cookies to bake, photos to be printed and cards to create.

Instead of shopping we headed north and east to the state capitol,
with the kids and my folks.
A gorgeous autumn day.

After Sacramento, we headed to Apple Hill.
We missed apple season but the colors and sights were amazingly beautiful.

See...look at those colors.
The photo below is my future farm.
if wishes were horses...

We tried picking apples but it was a sad venture...
perhaps next October.

People visiting up and about at Apple Hill were picking up Christmas trees,
a common American tradition for the day after thanksgiving...
not for our family.
I prefer to wait until a week or so into December before hauling out the Christmas madness.

We continued on up to highway 49 to Sutter's Mill.
The location of the first gold rush in California.
Jude panned for gold and found 4 flecks.
We met the Consul General to Japan.
Toured the mill and parts of the state park.
When the chilly fall weather set in we piled in our car, headed home but not before Nan & Papoo treated us all to dinner.
A memory making day.
A family day.


  1. sorry about the missed apples but the adventures sound like fun regardless.

    and, i'm not a black friday shopper either.

  2. Looks like an incredible day! I avoid the black Friday shopping madness too, but I like your idea for a family drive and outing.


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