christmasy foods

chocolate nut bark
for eating, for giving, for sharing.
kinda like peppermint bark.

recipe found at realsimple

chex mix...recipe found on the side of the cereal box.

a daddy/kid activity...starting new traditions.

the boring christmas dinner...i shoulda made brussel sprouts as planned.
not pictured...the ever tasty salad as requested by randy.
note the lack of decor...my kitchen table is too small for 11 adults, too much food and decor...besides last time i decorated with candles and such for a christmas meal a napkin caught fire...no chance this year.
that's it i'm making brussel sprouts for dinner tonight...with bacon a la alice...like this day last year...maybe this time with red rice.
tomorrow i think i'll make split pea soup with the ham bone.
yes, there is a pork theme.
i almost forgot to mention, i made a super tasty honey-baked french toast for christmas morn.


  1. yummmmmmm, and i love that recipe from real simple.

  2. Ah, Chex Mix... So wonderful so overlooked.


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