So, my kitchen is back into shape...there are still the lower cupboards to sort and purge but I need more shelf liners before I start that assignment.
I love the de-clutter process.
I love the open spaces.
I even cleaned off the fridge.
Ah, so freeing.

The color is a bit off in this photo (too light) because the green is actually brighter.
This was the free-to-me pantry cupboard.
I lined the shelves with laminated fabric I had in my stash...originally destined to be a lunch bag but instead now graces my kitchen pantry unit.
I had hoped to cram more stuff into this cupboard and have all my dry goods in one place but alas I can not...I want a bit of space between my food.
I suspect I still have some adjusting and moving of things around in my cupboards as I adjust to the new set up.

The green interior really shows off my vintage and vintage inspired practical tchotchkes.
I am pleased.
2 more bags for Goodwill...feels great to lighten the load, now if only weight loss was as easy.


  1. Looks great! I love the green, and your new pantry cupboard.

  2. Big fan of the pantry cupboard! Would an under-shelf/hanging shelf thingy add any more storage space? Maybe between the top and second shelf? Am planning to add some of those to my pantry to help use the space better. Also, am a big fan of "stadium seating" for smallish bottles of similar height. Helps out when hunting for the stuff in the back row. It's cheap, too. Can be free, infact, if home-improvised! Love the fresh, clean look! I dream of a white kitchen!!

  3. Funny, I have been strongly considering getting rid of some cabinet doors. Good to see how it looks "in real life." Fantastic! Enjoy.

  4. Wow, those cupboards look fantastic!!

  5. you are totally inspiring me (as usual!!!)

  6. i love cupboards...beautiful

  7. I love the color of green you chose to spice things up. That little cupboard is so cute.


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