raising foodies week 7

Raising foodies week 7
Again a meal prepared from what was on hand...do you see a theme in dinner prep at my house?
Nonetheless a big hit with 3/4 of the family and 1/4 (the son) liked everything but the salad greens and spinach...he is more of a cooked veggie kinda guy.
Grilled chicken thighs basted with teriyaki sauce over a bed of organic baby green and spinach.
I topped the greens with warm brown rice, corn and black beans (leftovers).
Topped the whole thing with crumbled feta and a wee bit of dressing (Brianna's New American).
Filling, healthy and easy.
What have you been cooking?
One more week of the raising foodies online cooking group.
A big thanks to Joslyn.


  1. If you hear a light knock on the door around dinner time next week - it's me :)


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