cleaning project gone amuck

have you ever started the day with an idea to clean?
you know, a deep clean kinda day.
this doesn't happen too often to me, but i am participating in the apartment therapy kitchen cure and this week is the "deep clean".

ever so innocently, i started clearing out my cupboards to purge and clean...
combining 2 weeks assignments into one.

next thing i know, i am at the hardware store buying paint.
next thing i know, i am pulling off cupboard doors and am painting.

of course, if i'm painting the inside of the cupboard then i need to touch up the white paint on the outside, which means i need to repaint the door fronts of most of the kitchen cupboards.
do you see where my day is going?
yes, there was espresso involved.
in my travels this morning a "new to me" pantry cupboard fell into my lap, so to speak....thank you dee.

next thing i know i am painting said cupboard.
next thing i know, i have decided to paint 2 side tables for the living room.
when john came home for dinner , i had the stove & fridge pulled away for the wall and was standing on a chair scrubbing the top on the fridge with an old toothbrush.
he asked if i was being punished which sent me into a fit of snorting laughter.
perhaps a bit much for one day.
but, boy oh boy, it does feel great to accomplish so much... yet there is so far to go.
my kitchen is still a big fat mess.
seriously, every counter and the table are full of "kitcheny things", the floor is damp for a partial mopping and the dinner dishes are piled in the sink.
i gotta go clean up.


  1. That sounds more like me than I care to admit right now...:)

  2. Ah this is fabulous -- I LOVE when I get in that deep cleaning mood. Usually when I'm feeling uninspired and blah about housework I read the IKEA magazine and that puts me in the mood to get scrubbing & rearranging!
    Although it's a little tougher with the babe scooting around and grabbing this and that :)
    ps. I LOVE that colour green!

  3. That is exactly why I don't bother to get started unless i have a whole week!!

  4. That's why I'm scared to start sometimes...it always leads to something bigger! Looks great! Can't wait to see some pics of things completed and in their places!

  5. Ah, that sounds so you! I love that green paint - can't wait to see how it turns out.

  6. This is fascinating! I love spying into your kitchen. :)


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