believe it or not

believe it or not i do have a life beyond home improvement projects and cooking dinner for my kids.
i know i rarely blog about those other things but i do have a life.
really i do.
i work part time at a family run hardware store (hi ed!), hike with lucy at the ridge (hi gopher snake...yikes!), volunteer in the library at the kids school (hi christina!) and hang with friends (hi jenny!).

this week, ej and jenny came for lunch (salad and mac n'cheese) and playtime.

a fun time was had by all...to be repeated on saturday.


  1. :) hello life!!!

    bright and happy....it made me smile.

  2. Isn't little E just adorable?! It looks like she has a lot of fun with your kids. We just got to visit with them while they were here visiting family, it was a nice time!


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