you know you are the parent of a deaf child when...

...you are hiking on the ridge with your dog and a flock of geese fly overhead and you & your dog stop, look up and you sign & say (at the same time) "I hear that , do you hear that?"
when you are a parent of a deaf child and you chose the oral/total communication route, you tend to spend many, many hours, day after day, in and out of weeks responding to every single sound. stopping, signing, speaking and identifying the sound. I guess it was a total reflex for me. might I add, Delia was not with me, she was at school.


  1. i made matt read this- he laughed outloud and nodded his head knowingly.

    i love that your dog is learning to listen! ;)

  2. beautiful

    can your geese come get our geese and take them away on vacation too?


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