reverse trick or treat

thanks to kelli, we are doing some reverse trick or treating tonight.
and we are off in moments for pork & pinot followed by the mayhem of trick or treating.
honestly, i could forgo halloween this year but alas my kids could not be bought.


  1. What a good idea. I don't have kids yet so this is a perfect way to celebrate.

  2. sounds intriguing I will click over. i enjoyed the evening by answering the door at my brother's house while they took one of the daughter's out.

  3. our friends did this too! love it.

    hmm. we did not celebrate halloween growing up, which i kicked and screamed against, and now..i think it's a fabulous idea!

    happy reformation day! :)

  4. Love it. I too had an interesting Halloween. Halloween for hunger. I supervised students as they went door to door collecting food for the food bank.

  5. We did a "reverse trick or treat" of our own - just took homemade treats around to the neighbors/family who are "close"...meaning within a few miles. Good times, and Luke got to be charming for an audience in his little cowboy outfit!


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