raising foodies week 6

So, here we are on week 6 of the raising foodies online cooking group.
I decided to use what I had on hand (shocking I know) and to prepare something autumnal...autumn-ish.
Last week I read Mark Bitten's Polenta Without Fear article and was inspired to turn that into a meal.
Here is my *rough* recipe:
winter squash/root veggies
black beans
cornmeal/milk or polenta mix
pumpkin seeds

-roast root veggies (purple potatoes and onion) and winter squashes (delicata and butternut) tossed with olive oil and s&p (I also used pumpkin oil for a hit of flavor)
-meanwhile follow polenta directions and make polenta (I add a dollop of cream cheese at the very end for extra creaminess)
-warm black beans and add herbs if desired.
-toast pumpkin seeds
-when polenta and veggies are ready, quickly saute spinach (or whatever greens you have on hand) in butter.
-plate polenta, add spinach, then add roasted veggies and black beans, top with a crumble of feta and sprinkle with pumpkin seeds, serve and eat!

Like so.
The kid review:
Jude liked: beans, roasted squash and pumpkin seeds
Delia liked: everything except the black beans
John liked: everything but would like meat (and rice) and a bit more flavor...brown-buttered sage or spicy kick or something.
Me: I liked the whole dish, it felt comforting and warm but next time I would serve with a pork tenderloin (which I did not have on hand!)
Overall a hit.
I explained to the kids that polenta was just like cream of wheat but with corn instead of wheat and the next morning they asked for cream of wheat for breakfast!

edit: John's quote about dinner: " I'm pretty sure no one else in America is having the same thing as we had tonight."

edit: the brown butter sage was my idea as a flavor not John's but he agrees


  1. Yum! Sooooo wish that my husband liked polenta! I'll have to do something like this next time he's out of town. Luckily (in terms of menu planning) or unluckily (in terms of having companionship and someone to paren with) this is frequently the case. Looks like a cozy fall meal. This is the best time of year to cook, if you ask me.

  2. I love polenta so this sounds so delish


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