raising foodies week 4 and more

So, this is not really a meal for my family but it is food...

Of course I adapted it slightly, different dried fruit and instead of cashews, pistachios. Super yummy.
Although a word to the wise, you CAN NOT leave the kitchen or multitask when making granola...it goes from golden to burnt in mere seconds.
Trust me.

The kids thought the granola was ok and then opted for puffins cereal.

This week Delia got to chose the "meal".
This is my attempt at including the kids in menu planning and helping in the kitchen. Delia wanted salad with lots of stuff and sauce (I think she meant salad dressing). However our schedule is a bit hairy this week around the evening meal time and John is cooking 2 nights this week...his menu consists of meat, rice and a token vegetable and I mean token...if I wasn't around I am not sure there would be veggies but alas he is grilling meat for us so...
Anyways, for an impromptu lunch I made a tasty salad with stuff and sauce for Dee.
Super tasty...leftover steak on butter lettuce with persimmon, walnuts and farmer cheese...Delia will get a lunch like this tomorrow...it will be Delia approved.

So, for dinner tonight I made matzo ball soup for my family.
Now, you must understand, I had matzo ball soup for the first time about 2 weeks ago and thought it was delicious and of course wanted to share the love with my kids.
I picked up a box mix at a local market, made a mirepoix, added chicken stock and followed the box directions.
Results as follows: I thought is was delicious, John was non-committal (where's the beef?), Jude preferred the broth over the matzo ball and Delia was just plain grumpy.
Perhaps next week I will have an actual recipe and a hit at that.


  1. It only took me about 4 burnt batches to finally accept that you have to basically stand over the granola till it's done :) Same was true for roasting nuts, until I came across a technique where you roast them on low in a slow cooker. Brilliant.

  2. I had to chuckle at the sauce - my niece asks for the 'white stuff' that is ranch dressing.

    My german neighbor used to make dumplings like matzo balls that I would pick around. To this day I still do not enjoy "wet bread" as I call them.

  3. Homemade granola is one of my favorites! I've been meaning to make it for ages but haven't found the time. My father-in-law makes a really good low sugar version that he wont leave home without.

  4. My favorite thing to add to matzo ball soup is carrots, celery and chopped onion to the broth. It just gives you something else to munch on besides the lovely matzo ball.

    Would love to make granola. Definately going to check out the recipe you posted.


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