oh, lucy

About a year ago we opened our hearts and home to this adorable little puppy with two big brown spots...eventually we named her Lucy.

This is what she looked like 1 year ago today.
Oh, so puppy-ish.

This is what Lucy looked like at the end of last October.

This is her today...terrified to get in the wagon...unwilling to cooperate getting her photo taken.
Oh what a naughty teenager she has been this week...reducing me to tears on at least 2 occasions in the past 72 hours.
Digging up my new dwarf satsuma tree, rooting around in the new flower beds and pulling the pomegranate tree up by its roots.

Lucy is now about 80+ pounds of mostly puppy-ish fun.
She loves to play "woof", run in the hills, chew on big sticks and at about 6 am she tries and is often successful to snuggle on our bed.
There are moments though when I want to pull my hair out and I am furious with her but for the most part I am grateful we became a dog family.
this is kinda a sappy post...more for the record book than anything else.
Let this be a reminder to those of you considering a puppy...they are A LOT of work, time and money and by the by American Bulldogs are BIG dogs!

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  1. she's adorable and I understand about dogs....today one of the pugs is driving me insane


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