my handyman

for quite some time now i have requested an updated composter.
our compost pile was chugging along just fine, producing several trash cans of fresh dirt every year but the original chicken wire and garden stake design was faltering.
the pile is, after all about 5 1/2 years old...one of the first things we put in our backyard.
lucy, our very naughty but loved dog, also discovered the joys of rotting food and easy access so the compost pile itself became a maze of bricks and sheets of metal to keep her out.
this, of course, compromised the kids ability to take out the compost.

today my beloved husband whipped me up a great new, two compartment compost bin...approximately 6x 2...give or take.
there will be a lid forthcoming, for now a smaller board rests atop the rotting heap.
the kids will now be able to complete the compost chore without help, the neighbor in the cottage out back can add to it and hopefully the dog will stay clear.
is it wrong to love a compost pile?
kudos to my own personal handyman.


  1. I have one of those plastic ones you put stuff in at the top and then open a little door at the bottom -- only the little door at the bottom gets stuck now, and it's UGLY in the landscape, black plastic. Yuck.

    I love the wooden one your husband made! Simple, beautiful design that should weather very nicely -- and made out of love ;) Lucky, lucky you.

  2. Excellent, can he come build me some raised beds? Perhaps I should ask my own handyman.

  3. ooo I'd like to put my order in for a nice compost bin, two raised beds and a paverstone path between the two...you know, whenever he's got the spare time :)

  4. Oooh! Decomposing bits never had it so good! I used the chicken wire version (recommended by you - thanks) for about a year until I had a more permanent site picked out. The second version is a 4x4' masterpiece constructed by yours truly, but I need a second one now that I've cleared out all the garden leftovers and topped it off with some treasures from the horse pasture to "sweeten" the mixture!


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