lovely little bits

amazing colored pencils...and if money is no object you can join the club.

yum...hand/pocket pies...from a mold.
fabulous reusable sacks.

oh, I love vintage typewriters found at the candystore collective along with other goodies.
I am actually on the hunt for a manual typewriter...do you have one kicking around?
let me know.

weck...you inspire me to make jams and relishes and the such...
one of these days I'm heading across the bay to heath.

gotta love good cheeky branding and packaging...especially for underwear!
chalkboard tee's...cleverness.
these lovely finds were found here and there all over the web and on various blogs and sites and repeated time and again and i have largely lost track and can't afford the hours it would take to track the "first spotted" sites...if i found this on your site and you want a shout out let me know.
click on the links to access the product sites. a lovely day to you and yours.


  1. great finds - I want a typewriter too but I think thrift stores have caught on to us and have started charging more.

  2. We have SEVERAL manual typewriters...were you unaware of Rick's obsession?? Let me see if he's ready to part with one -- he waxes and wanes on this issue. I, for one, would LOVE to have one fewer.

  3. I rarely use colored pencils but I still want to join that club because they are so pretty.


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