kitchen cure

Did I mention I am participating in the Apartment Therapy Kitchen Cure?
Me and about 2000 other folk trying to whip their kitchen into tip top shape.

The first assignment was to photograph your kitchen with cupboards and fridge open wide.
See, a bit messy...not too bad because I can not cope with too much chaos but I do not have any extra storage (not a garage or a shed or pantry...nothing) and my kitchen is small.

The second assignment was to clean out and clear out pantry, fridge, freezer and misc canned goods.
I cleaned out a bit, again we eat a fair bit of fresh food so I didn't have too much to purge but enough to feel like I accomplished something.
Photos of that to follow on another day.
Want to play along?
It is not too late to play along.

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  1. congrats on the clean up - i always feel better when my kitchen is organized


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