in the crafting groove

inspiration is shining.
jose, my steady helper.
a great tutorial from just something I made.

a trial run of said craft with a blooper or two.
a fun banner project.
perhaps a holiday card idea.

sewing in the afternoon.
attempting my first zipper in a skirt.
stay tuned.
note my assistant.

a cereal box project for Jude.
the box said to use a poly/cotton blend shirt for best results.
only had a cotton undershirt.
ah, the faded look.
oh, I am inspired to bust a bunch of projects out this weekend but life is busy.


  1. looks like fun - that banner roller is so cute

  2. No way! I can't begin to tell you how exciting it is for the first time to see someone else make that stamp roller! Yay!!!!!!! Way2Go!


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