happy weekend to you

A big thank you to Emily of Wide Open Spaces for the kreative blogger award/tag this week and in the spirit of playing along I will post 7 things you don't necessarily know about me.

1. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I love eating it anytime of the day...pancakes for dinner, cereal for a snack, leftover oatmeal for lunch...I love going out to eat breakfast too, especially if hollandaise sauce is involved.

2. I think I'd like to try roller derby, if I could skate and have a bit more courage. (spurred on by Whip It)

3. I have a slight reality tv addiction...amazing race (sun), biggest loser (tues), top chef (wed) , project runway(thurs). woah nellie!

4. I love the movie "Ironman"...normally superhero movies don't cut it, but this one rocks. Go watch it.

5. I could wear a cardigan everyday and often do; when i was a child I use to call cardigans, cardinals, oh I also called juniper , jupiter and clans, clangs. silly girl.

6. I never wear animal print...ever...I am opposed, but I do have an zebra print purse I like and use for festive occasions.

7.I try not to let my family eat sugary, hfcs, food colored, artificially flavored, chemical laden foods but I have a weakness for "french vanilla cafe" instant coffee drink and often it can be found in my cupboard. terrible.

plus 2 bonus hits:
-I never forward chain letters, emails or the such...nothing terrible has happened!
-I can not carry a tune, sing in key, or recall song lyrics, song titles or artists...don't ask me what the name of that song is...I don't know.
I always feel like I am leaving someone out when I pick...like in dodgeball in school as a kid...so if you want to play along, link back to me and leave a comment so I know you are playing along.


  1. you do tags like I do...

    I grew up in a household where my dad thought it was funny to call things by silly names - I love it. To this day I still want to call doughnuts - doorknobs

  2. I one had a very long dicussion with a friend in college about how you could really screw up your child. Teaching them that up was down, humans were called monkeys and bicycles were lawnmovers. Soon a whole language developed and lasted almost four years.

    As for things you may not know...
    1. I love argyle (especailly argyle socks).
    2. I used try to collect every possible stuff animal I could find. The collection currently resides in the rafters of my parents garage.
    3. I don't like leaving dish in the sink and it doesn't matter who's house I'm at... I'll wash them.
    4. My husband imposes a bedtime for me to get off the computer, put away whatever I'm working on, close my book I'm reading... whatever. Sometimes I fuss, but really it's a a good thing, cause I'm a bit cranky and slow to move in the morning.

    Well, that's about it for now. And if you ever want to learn to skate, I'm happy to teach you. But know that I like roller skating over roller blading.


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