getting crafty

I wish I could sew more often, really I do.
I wish for the time and place and inspiration.
Scratch inspiration I have plenty of that.
My sewing space is my dining room table, which is in my kitchen and as also know as my kitchen table and incidentally the place where my family eats 2-3 meals a day.
So, if the sewing project can be wrapped up in say, a day or a few hours, then no problem but if the project takes longer than it means food in front of the tv or shove the sewing crapola to one end of the table and hope the cat does not find new fabric cozy.

The other alternative, of course, is choose a quicker project, preferably one with no pins, and hightailed it over the Dee's house where you can use her gigantic cutting mat table and her ever so handy serger.

Voila, just like that 18 new dinner napkins and 2 lunchbox size.
2 hours start to finish and I can feel great about an accomplished task, visit with a friend/cousin and add to the beauty of my home.
Goodbye old ratty 9 year old cloth napkins!
Hello fresh, crisp and fall-ish napkins!
And, yes, I am tooting my own horn.
toot toot.


  1. as usual, a lovely, smart idea, that now makes me want to go get fabric (or use the scraps I have) to make some! oh, why did i read your post today??? (just kidding!)
    p.s. thanks for the note about the other site to check out.

  2. I'm in the same boat as far as a sewing area. So I pack up in between meals. That takes up way too much time, but when you have a 2 year old that wants to help "sew all by herself" that is pretty much the only alternative. Love your napkins and fabric.

  3. beautiful prints - those are going to be fun to use.


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