bedroom reveal

I wanted to get the final finishing touches into Delia's room before the reveal but alas a few remaining details (artwork on the walls, cover for pillows and possibly a quilt) will need to be accomplished over time.
Delia wanted a purple room like her cousin, Randy.
Isn't imitation the finest form of flattery?

The end result is a nice mix of calm and chaos.
The light is often lovely in this room and the white accents against the purple give a nice airy contrast.
Bits and bobs of color thrown in here and there.
New curtains, new mirror and the pom poms are leftover from the birthday shindig.

A few toys and several art supplies were purged in the process but there is nothing quite like having a dedicated space for creating masterpieces and let's face it, Delia errs on the messy side so having a spot for everything, and within in eyesight will help...fingers crossed.

To balance out the girlyness (as the girl is more eclectic than girly) you can see Delia opts for an aquarium (with fire belly toads) and skeleton models on her dresser.
I have high hopes of making a quilt for the bed, and I also plan to include Delia in the sewing process...chosing and cutting smaller patches for a stacked coin quilt.
Stay tuned to see how that will unfold.
On a side note, several years ago we removed the closet door for easier toy access.

A new oval mirror and a re-purposed nightlight in the form of a bird holding lady (scavenged from my room)
Delia loves her "new" room and especially the new furniture configuration.
The next painting project is to finish the trim in the house...I am mid hallway and the living room awaits me...I am about 4 years into this project. ack.
Perhaps when my folks visit next month I can enlist my dad.
What do you say, Dad?


  1. Perfection! Can you point me to a pom-pom tutorial? I just have to make those. They're so whimsical and wonderful!

  2. The room looks great! I really like the art table, and I'm keeping that shade of purple in mind for if I ever have an art room of my own :)

  3. I love it, what a great collaboration!

  4. love the periwinkle and aqua together - unexpected but so wonderful. i would be in heaven there.

  5. I am a huge fan of the pom pom! The room looks wonderful. Is that a Hemnes dresser from ikea?


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