AT kitchen cure week 2 or 3, I lost count

as i mentioned, i am participating in the apartment therapy kitchen cure.
last week i cleaned out the fridge and "the pantry", which if you have been in my kitchen, you know is a mere cupboard.
a side assignment/question was about cookbook collections.
last year i purged my collection and here is my current stash.
i also have recipes clipped, printed out and attached to the side of my fridge...
waiting to be attempted.

this week the project is to de-clutter cupboards and cull kitchen tools & small appliances.
this is my squished cupboard that goes deep into the corner by the sink where the little appliances go to hide and never show their face.
there is some serious purging in my future.
actually, i don't think my kitchen and laundry room (read: closet in kitchen) is efficient as it could be but i am not sure how to make the changes...you know when you stick your kitchen stuff in the cupboards when you move to a new house and you never reorganize...that is what happened for me.
stuck in a rut.
stay tuned.
i am pondering included green paint, new curtains and a radical shift in "take away" containers/glass jars.

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  1. Nicole!
    Looking good! Week 3 gets posted today at 2pm. Can't wait to see what you do next!
    Sara Kate


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