another way you know...

you have a deaf child...
when the sibling of your deaf child explains the inner workings of Spiderman to you and uses the following statement...
"...when Spiderman signs i-love-you then the web comes out of his wrist..."
Referring to sign language and superheroes in one sentence.
Although, he just said," I'm not sure Spiderman knows sign language."
One of many moments that deafness shines through!
image borrowed from giantbomb.com


  1. this made me chuckle....i'm not sure if spiderman knows it either, but it's an interesting thought

  2. This is how my 2nd daughter learned how to do the i-love-you sign when she was little which my entire family uses as a send-off when we're parting. Thank you, Spiderman! :)


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