true food confessions

Confession #1:
I love food.
Confession #2
I think about food all the time.
Confession #3.
I love to grocery shop, stop by farmer's markets and pop into little markets.

Confession #4:
I'd like to think of myself as an partway locavore.
Confession #5:
I pride myself in being a good cook.
Confession #6:
I watch far too many cooking shows.
Confession #7:
I read cookbooks like novels.

Confession #8:
I sometimes cook food for my family and get hurt feelings when they don't rave.
Confession #9:
I think bacon might be the best food ever.
Confession #10
Last night I prepared dinner...which took too many hours to prepare...using local ingredients(including halibut Uncle Phil caught in the Bay) and combining a couple recipes in hopes of posting my contribution to the raising foodies online cooking group. I loved dinner but my family did not.
For the record I am eating leftovers as I type and I still think it is scrumptious but perhaps marinated artichokes and anchovies might be a bit strong tasting for my little foodies. The halibut was tasty, I adapted this recipe and used the bacon vinaigrette (see confession#9). I served the fish over a bed of "Mediterranean style orzo" with roasted mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, olives, anchovies and tomatoes.
Sadly I do not have a good recipe to share in the raising foodies cooking group.
There is always next week.
I am redeeming myself, there is an apple crisp bubbling away in the oven for dessert tonight...oh and I am trying a new recipe...tomato bisque with cheddar crackers (homemade of course)


  1. I experimented tonight and it was not a rave review for me either....even by me. I'll eat it because I can't waste the food, but ehh, not so much.

    and for the record, I love bacon like candy.

  2. Dinner tonight sounds delicious! Especially the apple crisp!

  3. You'll have to come over and pick some apples. Our tree is over flowing this year.

  4. Ditto to #s 1-10 inclusive! Especially #s 1 & 2!

  5. yes yes yes! i love this post! AND, i think i share all of the same confessions ;)

    also, i don't eat fish, but even your halibut looks good!

  6. oh the pictures are lovely and that dinner sounds so good. I get disappointed when my children don't want to try new things. I would help you eat it!

  7. Oh my goddness! I want to come to your house SO bad!!!!!
    I love food, think about it all the time and watch way too much food tv....I just need time to cook!
    But I'll eat anyone else's any time!

    My mouth is watering!

  8. how was the tomate soup and the chedder crackers?


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