raising foodies online week 2

This week for the raising foodies online cooking group I made quiche but because it was birthday madness I thought I would add the "birthday" meal too since it was a big hit with the kids as mac n' cheese tends to be. I adapted the recipe from "The River Cottage Family Cookbook", which I might add is a terrific cookbook especially if you have a family...lots of good recipes, tons of information and tips and almost everything kids can help with...there are a few recipes a bit too British for me but everything I have made has been a hit. Check it out.
Recipe here...although, shocker I did not add the bacon!
On with the quiche...

I don't think I have ever made quiche before...shocking I know but I was inspired by heart of light's quiche and decided to adapt her recipe using what I had on hand...one of my favorite things in cooking...using what I have and serving a tasty meal.
Our quiche was a caramelized leek, spinach, summer squash and potato quiche.

First melt butter and oil in a pan,
add sliced leeks until caramelized.
add sliced mini yukon potatoes (about a handful)...cook until potatoes are soft,
then add sliced summer squash (a handful) and a big fist of spinach.
At this point I turned off the heat but put a lid on the veggies to steam away.

At the same time I made a pie crust adapted from the "The Big Book of Breakfast" another terrific must have cookbook (no photos in it though if that is important to you!)...you can use any pie crust recipe you like or buy a readymade crust whatever works for you. Again I was using what was on hand and avoiding a trip to the market!
You bake the crust slightly in a 400 oven for about 8 minutes or so.
Meanwhile whisk together about 6 eggs and 1 cup of milk (or cream), S & P and whatever spice you want. I used thyme.
Add to the milk/egg mix about 1 cup of grated cheese.
Add in veggies.
Remove crust from oven and slowly pour mixture into pie crust.
Return whole kit & kaboodoodle to the oven.
Bake for about 45 mins...until firmed up and golden.
Let cool for a few minutes.
Cut and serve.
Wow your kids.

Do you know what mom is upside down?
Wow your kids with that joke!


  1. yay! I'm glad they liked the quiche - I haven't made one in forever - this reminds me to try one out again.

  2. Of course I know what mom -upside- down is! My moniker for quite some time now......

  3. whenever i hear that, i still think of your aunt glenda! oh, the calgary days.


  4. oh my gosh- i laughed at that closer. ;)

    looks YUMMY! i'll have to try it....


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