party party party part 1

Inside the invites was a teeny tiny invite to a "tiny" 6th birthday.
A small little part after school.
The real festivities happen today in the form of a Giants ball game with our fam, a couple grandparents, a couple cousins, an uncle and aunt.
Go Giants!

The calm before the party...I fell hook line and sinker for Martha's pom-pom kit and thought how can a party be complete without giant tissue balls hanging from the ceiling.
A big shout out to Erin for helping "fluff" the pom-pom's.

A bit of the decor.

More pom pom love.
I think I'll move these into Delia's room after I tire of them hanging in my kitchen.

The theme was a tiny party, compliments of another Martha kit from a few years ago, but we expanded the idea and incorporated "crafts".
Wooden clothes peg people, button bracelets, paper pumpkins, stamped cards and pipe cleaner animals.
The grownups had a ball too.

At about 7:30 am yesterday, as I am pulling out my mixer to make cupcakes for the party, Delia asked me if I could buy a cake from a bakery in Berkeley.
Oh, yes I certainly can...and it fits with the "tiny" theme and it saved me hours not moola...and might I add it was more delicious than anything I might have made.

Teeny tiny gift bags with little pencils, little papers, mini magnets, fancy paperclips and little packets of flower marshmallows.
Can I just say, 6 year old girls love teeny tiny things.
A perfect age appropriate theme...oh and 4 friends was also the perfect manageable size.


  1. Adorable!!!
    And the pom pom's! I have pondered getting those for the last six months but wasn't sure how they would really look. Now, I am getting them, they are awesome!

    I love mini stuff and the lighting in these photos, so mellow and cheerful.

  2. i have been waiting for this post!!!!! :) love the pom poms- i didn't get them quickly enough- i was going to get the kit to make for my sisters shower. alas, i didnt decide quickly enough.

    i love all of this.
    so inspiring.

  3. love the pom-poms!!! and I love tiny too - I think it's a girl thing

  4. Give Cordelia a birthday kiss for me. SMOOCH. I love the pompoms and how is it possible that she is six?

  5. SWOON!!!! I might have to I-spy this!

  6. What a great party! I love everything; from the cheery yellow invites to the pom poms and the birthday cake with the extra long candles!

  7. Gasp... Ohhh my word Nicole - the one of her blowing out her candles - gorgeous, vintage, ahhhh just simply adorable!!! Perhaps a canvas for the living room. It is simply beautiful!!!

  8. Couldn't get any sweeter. I love teeny-tiny stuff too!

  9. I must say I love the pom pom's too. Great looking party, and happy birthday to Delia!

  10. Here from Brenda's blog. Love the party. LOVE the pom pom's. But head over heels over your profile. "Champion of the deaf" - I must know more. "A little bit crazy" = LOVE!

    OK, enough gushing. It's nice to "meet" you.

  11. Thank you for letting Hanna spend this day with you all. She had a great time.


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