I promise this is not just a food blog, although I think about food all the time! Seriously I do!
Earlier this week I created a supper for our family with leftovers and the result was delish.
A perfect hot summer evening meal to eat on the patio.
Leftover burrito rice (brown rice, black beans, corn and cheese) reheated served with salad greens, leftover roasted tomatoes (reheated) and sautéed chicken sausages (leftovers) and I made "cheese toast" with the remaining hotdog buns.
Tasty but more than that, deeply satisfying to use what I had on hand, eliminating waste and an easy meal to put together with no complaints from the fam.
What have you done with your leftovers lately?


  1. Yum... I love leftovers... but, never the same meal twice!

    I usually bulk cook any meat and brown rice or sometimes even potatoes (especially baked). It ends up lasting 3-4 meals for the week (or you can just freeze what you don't eat)- I just prepare it totally different each meal! It's especially easy and fun with the garden this time of year!!

  2. leftover grilled steak and chicken....well, I can do just about anything with those two things....and the family loves it !!

  3. Well last night I made dinner for 10 and there ended up only being four of us! I am slicing and freezing the left overs to use later. :) Roast cranberry maple glazed chicken, roast vegetables and apple pie will freeze great and there will be less work for me in the future!

  4. last night I took a bit of leftover taco meat and a bit of left over cheese dip and made nachos with some fritoes, sour cream and olives.

  5. Stick 'em in the microwave and eat 'em. Sorry, nothing fancy with 2 kids in school and me at work almost full time now. Yours look way more appealing!



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