the high life

our matching pets on our bed enjoying the high life.
yep, an old sheet protects our duvet from lounging, spoiled pets.
jose and lucy...they are friends now...sorta.
Life is on high speed this week around our house, a lot of extra activities and commitments creating a flurry.
The fast pace means eggs for supper, casseroles are baked at 9 pm, floors are swept in between and inboxes are opened at 10 pm.
Makes me wonder what life would be like around here if I worked full-time outside of the house, instead of the current p/t job and f/t mothering shindig.
Next week is less busy...so far
photo by john...the cat loving husband


  1. And yet, you still find time for coffee with a friend...

    Thanks Nicole for a great start to my day today!

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