black mesa by georgia o'keeffe

as in O'Keeffe.
Since I am a lady of leisure about one day a week, this week at least, I decided, last minute to spend a couple of hours in the city at SFMOMA. Lucky me, it was a "free day" and I only had to pay a token fee for special exhibits...O'Keeffe, Ansel Adams and Richard Avedon.
There is something exhilarating about going to a museum by oneself.
Alone. A loner by choice. All by my lonesome.
As an after thought, I grabbed our little camera (stashed in the car) and headed into the museum. I mention the camera because about 10 minutes in, I realized much to my horror, that the batteries had died and I would be camera-less.
I don't like that feeling.
What if I see the perfect shot and can not capture it?
How will I be able to blog about the day without a camera?
Then I took a deep breath and decided to enjoy the day without a lens as a prop.
To savor the day with my minds lens instead.
So freeing. Really.

I had no idea that Ansel Adams and Georgia O'Keeffe were good friends.
Side by side in a room hung photos and paintings of similar landscapes, many from New Mexico. The similarities striking but the contrast even more so.

There I was in a room of 50+ people peering around shoulders to soak in the art work.
No one needed my attention, I had no one to keep track of. No one to chat to about the which painting I preferred and why.
The exhibits were jam packed with folks...largely due to the "free" entry day and likely due to the final week of this particular exhibit.
Perhaps I should have opted for the audio tour...I am far too cheap.
I felt no pressure to look at every art installation in the museum either, instead I explored what I came to see and then hightailed it to the roof top garden to enjoy the best cappuccino this side of the Atlantic.
I paused. I sat in the cool shade and savored my $4 drink.
Noting the contrast of the bleached buildings against the bright blue sky, the contrast of creamy foam and espresso, the contrast of peace in the midst of a bustling city.
A bit later I sauntered downstairs to window shop the gift-shop and at the end of my time I headed back to the car and picked up my kids from school.


  1. my favorite is just going to the top floor. art first, and then coffee and sitting. so worth it.

    and, i'd love to do coffee with you- we could even do it at moma :) i'm a member! this week was crazy as we got home and then school started two days a week! been insane as we begin life again after being out of town all month.

    maybe wednes. next week?

  2. oh................i would be in heaven. oh to soak this all in. beautiful.

    ps - don't forget - the new challenge group is up and going (lens.us.together) and you're invited if you want to take the 52 week challenge. hope you will.

  3. I love Georgia. I would love to see this place.


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