garden fresh goodness

do you see what i see?
the finest summer has to offer.
i wish i could say this bucket of goodness came from my garden but alas it did not as my veggie garden is a pathetic little thing with green tomatoes and very few at that....the dog apparently enjoys eating green tomatoes.

no, this haul of tomatoes and tree collard greens were picked this afternoon at a local school garden site...sadly the school has been closed (where john worked) but i have an "in" with the "farmer" in charge and this afternoon when the call came in, i hightailed it up there with bucket in hand.

glorious tomato goodness soon to be made into roasted tomato sauce for the winter ahead....maybe i will be invited back for more next week.
i am so easy to please.
as a side note the collard greens were flavorful enough but i needed to saute them longer and definitely i needed to add bacon.
the kids tasted a bite and only a bite.
i prefer kale or swiss chard.

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