the princess and the pea

Delia decided it was high time I gave her sewing lesson, she even had a grand plan for what she wanted to create.
Inspired by a new "princess and the pea" dress made by Dee and a toy she played with at her cousin's... she wanted to make 22 mattresses and quilts to play with.

I pulled my sewing machine and her "Hello Kitty" sewing machine out while Delia raided the fabric stash.
Instead of 22 (as her books states) we agreed on 16 quilt like pieces.

The seamstress.

The size of each "quilt mattress" was about 5"x8", give or take and for padding I just guesstimated an insert size for each one and they zigzag stitched up the opening.
If I had a wee bit more time, perhaps I would have been more precise but alas the princess will have to suffer with a few uneven bits of bedding.
I used what I had on hand instead of an impromptu run to the fabric store.

The finished project.
A mom/daughter ...mostly mom made toy.
Later I made a top blanket for the princess and a drawstring for storage.
A great first sewing project...although half way through "Hello Kitty" jammed.


  1. I love it. I saw a princess and the pea game similar to just what you made over at The Ark, cool.

  2. Sooo cute! D told me about this up at camp and I so wished that I still had a tiny girl who would play with it! I love it!

  3. You know you could market that right? Sigh....again I am amazed.

  4. Very cute - Dels, Kaitlin thinks your soo smart!!

  5. That is so cute - complete with a little ladder and everything.

  6. this is so adorable.
    what a fun project for your little girl!

    Mandy Lynne


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