Who am I?
Who am I when my kids are off at school?
Who am I when everyone is out of the house?
What do I like to do with my free time?
Dishes, laundry, dusting or bathing the dog?
Shall I get a massage?
Go shopping, read a book, go for a hike?
Is this what happens when free time is so rare?
Have a I lost myself?
Today is the first day in a long time that I have no commitments other than dropping and retrieving the kids from school.
That means 6 hours of unscheduled free time.
I am so lost.
So many options.
So much time.
I opted to water the garden, change bedding, read blogs, wash dishes, eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich, dust the piano, mop the kitchen floor, blare itunes and enjoy the uninterrupted time.
No one needs anything. No one needs me.
No cares that I have yet to shower.
No one needs a snack.
No one is arguing.
I hate to admit it but I kinda like this time.
Also, hate to admit it but it is a wee bit lonesome around here.
Maybe I should go out...


  1. Don't like that feeling - I end up wasting so much time some days!!!

  2. go out and challenge yourself to the shot a week! :)

    love the green in the shots today. beautiful and fresh.

    I think a lot of mommies are feeling this way this week.

  3. Yes I was about to say that, all the mommies I know have been holding back tears this week!

    I live in a world of unstructured days, trying to write a thesis and figure out how to get it done without any external pressure, it's.. interesting.

    One breakthrough came from Zen To Done, just a simple habit: have three major tasks to do each day, and do the hardest one first. I can't believe what a difference such a small idea has made in how my day unfolds.


  4. just remember--you can't find something that is not lost.
    i really liked this post.

    :) i am mommy-typing...one-hand is holding sleeping child...thanks for your help today!

  5. Should be in bed but wandering through blogland instead. Is it wrong that I dream of the day when I can do what I want/need without interuption? On the other hand I get that lonely feeling if they nap to long. What's a Mom to do!?


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