UK followup

This post is long overdue.
Suddenly I am swamped with this thing called life.
I am not on vacation.

On day 4 of the Cumbria Way, we walked from Stonewaithe to Keswick.
A lovely low level walk.

Actually, day 4 was the kinda day we expected the entire trip to be like.
Pretty, light rain, fields of livestock, other amblers and fairly even trails.

Well, day 5 was forecasting rain and it was to be a 17 mile day over a fell (mountain).
No thanks.
We were weary.  We could have done it but since we were to be in a quaint town by a lake on the only day of the week that the bus was running.
We have no regrets about that decision. 

We could have hiked on day 5.
We agreed if we were ever to do the Cumbria Way again, which is not likely, then we would plan a rest day part way into the hike.
We met other hikers who had done just that.
We would also pack rain-gear...real rain-gear!

I am so grateful for such an amazing opportunity.
A journey to be shared with my mom and sisters.

This is a kissing gate...metal and wooden gates were scattered all over the hiking trails and fields.
Ingenious design...someday when I have a farm I will utilize such brilliance.

The Lake district is truly an beautiful part of the world and I hope to take my children there some day...to hike even!
Day 6 was the best weather day...of course our final day...Caldbeck to Carlisle.

We did it.
We hiked somewhere around the 65 mile mark over 6 days (5 hiking days).
We were thrilled to see the end marker, take a photo and get our shoes off.
I happy to report, I did not get a blister...I suffered other unmentionable physical ailments instead.
We did it!
My sister, Sara blogged about the adventure too, check it out.

Our B&B in Carlisle, in which we watched Jamie Oliver on the telly.
We love Jamie Oliver, don't you?

There wasn't much time to explore Carlisle but this was near the castle.
For more photos check out our Picasa Album.


  1. Beautiful photos! That trip looked like so much fun even with the terrain and the rain!

  2. congrats! that sounds like a good time together. that shot of the fallen log amidst the ferns - fantastic!

  3. a. "when i own a farmhouse someday"- love it!!!
    b. i believe extended vacation posting just makes the vacation last longer
    c. great photos! makes me want to hop over to the uk!

  4. Loving this peek into your trip to the Lake District. I spent a night or two there years ago with a dear friend and vowed to return - your posts are tiding me over til I'm able to!

    And yes, I ADORE Jamie Oliver. I really do. Every recipe of his are my favorite. MMMMMM like prosciutto wrapped salmon with lentils and herby yogurt sauce....mmmmmmm.

  5. Nicole - I love your Picasa album of the trip! What gorgeous photos. You capture the spirit of the place. I feel like I was there! Awesome! =)

  6. Glad to see that you got the posting up and the picasa album too.

    No blisters! That's impressive. can't wait to read about what becomes of the remodeling adventure.


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