to hear

a summer afternoon.
dad (sporting his daughter's guitar) and delia (sporting roller skates)
sometimes, i forget about the miracle.
the miracle of bionic hearing.
amazing but true.
for so many years, i fretted about what delia could or could not hear.
i worried about speech therapy, loud restaurants and background music.
all valid things to think about when raising a deaf child in a hearing world.
a deaf child with an implant.
now, years later, i take many of the early worries for granted.
i rely on delia to tell me if and when she can not hear.
this is not to say i don't worry about her hearing.
because, trust me, i do.
but, yesterday, when delia and i were in the electronics department at our local target, several aisles over from the tv's, delia looked at me and said, "do you hear that mom? kai-lan is on the tv."
amazing hearing.
we had not passed by the tv's and she had no visual cues and over the din of the store she could identify the kids program kai-lan.  i know the voice is distinctive but she rarely watches it.
i was blown away.
i, of course, gave her a big high 5.
that bionic ear was working...really working.


  1. Ohh sniff - she is a bionic little miracle!

  2. what a fantastic and beautiful moment

  3. thanks for your comment on my blog! Love this post about hearing. I can't wait until we're there someday. For now, I'm still caught up in the CI worries, but it's stories like yours that give me so much hope!


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