the ranch

The other day we were invited to see Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs out at a beautiful art deco theater on a ranch.  
Not a regular cowhand ranch, although I believe there are cowhands kicking around somewhere...as well as horses and cattle. 
This ranch is an amazing piece of land and we saw about 1/64th of it.  
But what we did get to see, besides a free 3D movie in a plush theater, was great. 
The most wondrous private library, stellar views and vineyards.  
Jude had the privilege to play piano in the big house.  
This ranch belongs to a certain famous director...of StarWars fame.  
Are we lucky or what? 
Obviously we have a friend with hook up...thank you friends!


  1. wow - I can't imagine seeing it on his screen - how awesome.

    :) glad you had a great time.

  2. Judah - awesome piano playing! not only are you better at Sequence than me, you are an amazing piano player. i love watching your fingering. Grandma Gill would be so impressed. Keep it up, you won't be sorry. love, aunt kitty


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