life update

For the past few months my life has swung wildly out of balance.
All my own doing of course.
When I lean towards the obsessive end of things the other things in my life get off kilter and lately for me I have had an unhealthy obsession with all things in the house hunting, house decorating, HGTV department.
It's kinda a long and somewhat boring story but when I put my all into something I tend to go a little overboard...if you have ever attended a birthday party at my house then you know what I am talking about.
Take the past couple of days as example...I happened upon a tv stand at Cost Plus and got a really great deal and I have hated our old beat up corner unit for ages...this simple purchased has spurred a major purge and clean out around here.
I have rearranged the living room, sorted books, cleaned out Delia's closet, dropped several bags off at Goodwill, sold a couple kids toys and gave goodies to friends.
Today, I stripped our bedroom, spackled, taped and primed the room for painting...I also did the same thing to our bathroom (including yanking a big ugly 3 way mirror vanity off the wall) and then I decided to end the evening by bathing the dog.
You see, when the husband is away (with the son) then I get busy.
Of course, the house is in a major upheaval but I am trying bloom where I am planted if you get the drift.

In other news, Lucy is SICK...again.  I think we might have gotten the puppy with the weakest immune system...in the past 3 months Lucy's sickness have included fungal ear infection, tumor on her fore paw and now she has demodectic mange (see her forehead in the photo) and a small growth on her shoulder that we need to keep an eye on.  The vet said she is likely to outgrow these issues...I hope so because otherwise this is going to be one expensive dog.  Truly, it is hard to know where to draw the line.

I know, I know, I need to post the photos from the final 3 days of the hiking tour...I will I promise...this week...after the painting projects are complete...okay, maybe before.


  1. Gasp - crazy woman!! ;)
    I get like that when the house is empty too.
    Have fun!!

  2. oh my, what's up kindred spirit!!! i stay up at all hours and go a little overboard myself!


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