if you need an excuse to cry...

or if you want to hit a matinee by yourself and not  feel embarrassed to cry, then go see My Sister's Keeper.  I enjoyed the book and the movie, although the movie veers away from the book slightly.  I went to an afternoon matinee by myself and cried about 1 hr 30 minutes of the 1 hr  45 minute movie.  Obviously, I had some pent up sadness.  As for my original opinion about Cameron Diaz playing the mom,  I changed my mind, she did an amazing job.


  1. I cried through most of that preview. At the time, my excuse was pregnancy hormones. I think I'd cry just as much now. Looks like a good one.

  2. I can't handle movies like this - I know it's beautiful and special, but I've had too much death in my family. I'm glad Cameron did a good job - I love her.


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