family day

On Sunday we did as the heathen.

Opted for a much needed family day.

We spent part of the day at the space center and ate brunch at a new-to-us cafe.


  1. don't you love the fun tables and "barbies" at can't fail? their mac n cheese is amazing...(not so healthy, but GOOD)

  2. sounds like a great day that they will remember. I read a quote recently that the greatest gift you can ever give a child is time.

  3. I love Rudy's can't Fail. They have an awesome breakfast. The french toast is amazing. It's even better if the weather is nice to sit outside.

    Hope you got my message I left today (7/7) about going to the ranch and seeing a movie on Thursday 7/9. let me know, so J can put in for tickets.


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