da balm

da balm.

as in the lip balm.
this is the 3rd batch i have made and it just might be the best yet.
i think it is the vitamin e oil and the apricot oil.

homemade grapefruit balm.
with shimmer.

made by delia, molly and me.

 a few days ago, our favorite molly in the whole wide world was in town and delia and i spent most of the day with her...eating pizza in the median, making lip balm, chatting, perusing anthro & j crew, visiting and of course eating.
what are friends for.


  1. OMW those are adorable - I can just smell/taste ;) that combo!!

  2. That's such a cute picture of those 2 friends! Now it's my turn for lip balm. Can I pinch some more E from you? I promise not to break it this time.

  3. so cute! you are a mini martha!!!!

    we are at camp all week with middle schoolers form church- maybe next week?

  4. Wow - those lip balms look awesome!

  5. Fun! Now I want to make some lip balm.


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