I know I promised vacation photos so here you are!
No really, a holiday post is forthcoming but tonight I had a wacky experience.
Earlier this month, I restarted my Y membership when I enrolled the kids for summer camp and swim lessons.  I thought I would seize the opportunity to get in shape, workout and take aqua aerobics. Since I will be dropping the kids off daily for 3 weeks, there should be no excuses (except sheer laziness!).
Tonight, I went to aqua fitness, I was really looking forward to it and when I got to the class, all women, were hanging around the end of the pool chatting with this big dude.  A really big dude.  I thought to myself, cool a guy in the class who wants to lose weight, good for him. 
 As I get closer I discover the dude is fairly upset...turns out due to the death of Michael Jackson.
Then I discover the dude is also the fitness instructor.
The class started 15 minutes late after a lengthy discussion about the King of Pop, of course the greatest hits were playing on the boom box.
Somehow an aerobic class taught by a dude about 150 lbs overweight does not instill a great deal of confidence.  Am I judging?
I think I want my fitness instructor to be slim, fit and rock solid...something I can work towards...unachievable for me but still goal worthy.


  1. I went to an aquasize class this winter, and one of the instructors was overweight too! It's really wacky is right! You'd think if they instruct it, they would be in shape. But this lady was quite obese.

  2. LOL yes that does seem a little wacky!

    But ont he other hand? How do you feel today? Was it worth the effort?

  3. maybe they're trying to lose weight too. some people are inspired by the instructor not being so fit that they feel so bad they will not go back. *shrugs*

  4. I totally agree! I would like my instructor to be someone that is fit because if they are teaching the class and aren't slim what hope do i have? If it is the hilltop y i know that guy he is very nice!

  5. yay for no excuses! i have been trying to get back in shape- being blobby is no fun. trying to move more and eat less. easier said than done....


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